Wimpy is a much loved heritage classic in the UK and now globally. However its brand image is old, confused and the iconic burger chain has lost a consistent identity. To give a delicious new look to this restaurant, I looked at the fundamental elements of any burger. The bun. 
The bread houses all the elements of the burger, without it, it couldn't be a burger. By taking this philosophy, I looked at the idea of togetherness and community. A restaurant is much more than just eating food, it's a time to come together, talk, have fun, see people. It was this coming together concept that linked nicely with that of a burger. This formed the basic identity. 
The distinct mark of this brand are two simple brackets, rotated to resemble a burger bun. This not only has similarities to the old Wimpy logo, but is a simple way of showing togetherness. Brackets bring things together. 
Sharp Sans is the typeface of choice for the new Wimpy.  Friendly, modern and full of personality. Through this font, the most delectable words are used. Carefully only choosing adjectives ending in -y to reference the Wimpy name. 

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