The brief was to explore an article of the UDHR (United Declaration of Human Rights) and create awareness/ a call to action. I researched into the Online Safety Bill. A bill that the UK Government want to put into place to allow them to monitor our messages to search for illegal or offensive material. This will breach our human right to privacy. 
The brief required typography to be used to inform about the issue. The bill is invisible and the threat that comes with it is invisible. The truth is hidden within the government's own voice. In addition to this, the threatening nature of the video reinforces the message that this bill is dangerous to our human rights. Encryption will be lost from our messaging devices and all our private messages will be open to the government. 
Part of the campaign would use digital billboards that harness people's data using bluetooth, to then create personalised messages to suggest the potential threat. The truth, like the poster campaign, will then hide words within words to continue to typographic treatment. 

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