A new, small, independent film production company, Orent Films, needed a complete brand identity creating, along with assets, design, motion and title cards creating for their content. How do you take a huge subject such as film and make it suitable for a small group. You look at the little details.
The entire brand revolves around the small detail of the clapper board pattern. An image that is totally well known, yet hidden. By highlighting the N of the logo, this pattern forms not only the heart of the logotype but also the rest of the identity. 
In addition to brand collateral and social media being created, Orent also required me to produce posters, branding and motion design for their content. This ranges from short, psychological thrillers such as Disturbance, to shorter corporate communication for small businesses. More importantly, the Orent brand needs to fit in with all of these. 
The short film, Disturbance, required a full graphics package, brand and title sequence creating for it. The idea played off disturbing type. Consequently giving it an eery look. Additionally the poster and promotional images makes use of my own photography, allowing me to set a similar tone with the design I had created. The title sequence takes photography of smoke and gives a red hue, suggesting danger but also reflecting certain scenes in the film's final minutes. 

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